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_1  mural chesterfields 1
_10  long overview to mural 1
_3  overview to mural and dancefloor
_7  dancefloor and windows view 2
Kontiki North double 02.jpg
Kontiki N new wall and bar area  8.jpg
Knotiki North 02.jpg
_6  detail blind badger
_9  long broad overview from pulpit to m
_8  dancefloor and windows view 1
_11  long overview to stage 1
_5  plants n woodburner
_4  plants chesterfields wood burner pla
_10 detail st joseph
Knotiki North 05.jpg
Knotiki North 04.jpg
Knotiki North 01.jpg
Kontiki North double.jpg
_12  overview from drapes to dnacefloor
_15  stage 3
_13 dance floor and stage
_16  stage and pulpit
_14  stage 2
Knotiki North 03.jpg
Kontiki North bar 01.jpg
Kontiki North bar detail 02 double.jpg
Kontiki North double 01.jpg
_15 stage detail 2 copy
50s boudoir 6
50s boudoir  5
50s boudoir 3
50s boudoir  4
50s boudoir room cabinet 2
50s boudoir 1
Kontiki south bedroom.jpg
50s boudoir room cabinet
Kontiki south bedroom 01.jpg
Kontiki south kitchen bathroom 02.jpg
Kontiki south kitchen bathroom 03.jpg
Kontiki south kitchen bathroom 04.jpg
bathroom 2.jpg
bathroom 1.jpg
_2  mural chesterfields bar area 2
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