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Kontiki south double 01.jpg
misc chiffonier.jpg
11 kontiki south
10 kontiki south
8 kontiki south
6 kontiki south
Kontiki south double 02.jpg
12 kontiki south
alcove 3 detail.jpg
Kontiki south alcove.jpg
alcove 1.jpg
alcove 2 detail.jpg
9 kontiki south
bar 3
bar 10
7 kontiki south
bar 9
bar 1
Edits with borders south bar 9.jpg
Kontiki south bar 01.jpg
Kontiki south bar area.jpg
Kontiki south double bar area.jpg
Kontiki south kitchen 01 .jpg
Kontiki south kitchen bathroom 01.jpg
ks bath 4
ks bath 5
bathroom south.jpg
ks bath 6
ks bath 2
Outside areas roof.jpg
Outside areas roof 01.jpg
Outside areas roof 02.jpg
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