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SHAMANIC DOWSING FOR HEALTH 11th and 12th May 2019

Beginners and intermediate

With Celtic Shaman David Leesley

at Kontiki Studios, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May 2019

Dear Friends,

I am very pleased to be able to offer this exciting training opportunity with Celtic Shaman David Leesley.

Through a series of incredible synchronicities, David was called by Spirit to travel to the South Pacific Island of Vanuatu where he discovered his spiritual ‘twin’ and was subsequently initiated as Lineage Holder of the White Serpent, High Chief and Skull Keeper.

David lives on his native Isle of Man, but has agreed to visit the UK to facilitate our training: this is a rare opportunity to work with a very gifted healer.

Costs and Payment

Early Bird: £111 payment before March 1st

Standard: £150 after March 1st

Bank Transfer

You may make payment either in full, or as two halves.

Please contact me directly for banking instructions.


For those travelling from outside London, accommodation may be available at Kontiki Studios. There will be a small cost for this, so please let me know if you are interested.

Parking is free outside Kontiki, Friday 6.30pm – Monday 8am.

Anita Brulee 07956531324

Kontiki Studios, 1 – 3 Frederick Terrace, London E8 4EW


• Ethics, permission, protection, gratitude, grounding and offerings

• Dowsing. How to use the pendulum and L rod correctly

• Locating energy fields of people, objects and food

• Effects on the human (and animal) energy field of geopathic and geopsychic stress

• Polarity Switching - what causes it and how to correct it

•Duality and Polarity. Equals and opposites, positives and negatives
• Baron Von Phol`s scale of toxicity

• Personal Boundaries and Psychic Hygiene

• Spirit Ally Compatibility - how to check and correct

• Three Principals of Magic and Manifesting

• Locating and activating your Beams of Light

• Clearing toxic energy from water

• How to create Sacred Space through the Celtic Medicine Wheel & Magical Staff

• Shamanic protocols for safe journeying with the drum and rattle

• Smudging protocols and Talismans

•Ancestral Time-line tracking
• Spinal check dowsing

• Chakra Balancing through dowsing and by hand

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